Convex Awnings with a Valance

A convex awning with a valance offers many new options that are unavailable with an awning that does not have a valance. A common use of a convex awning with a valance is to use vinyl fabric with eradicated graphics to create a illuminated awning. This allows your business to be visible day and night without having to add spotlights or outdoor lighting to your building.

Lambrow Family Dentistry

This convex awning is a great example of an illuminated awning. The original awning fabric is entirely blue, but through the process of eradication, the blue color is removed. This leaves white letters and graphics that are translucent, and light can shine through.

Illuminated and Graphics

Pawn USA

This multicolor convex awning for Pawn USA stands out with illuminated graphics.

Pawn store Graphics

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